The Brand

The Kay Dané brand is all about making a statement that will take you from day to night seamlessly, while feeling incredibly comfortable. Kay Dané captures the styles meant for the women about town, whether one is out dining with friends, dashing through a busy work day, or traveling.
Kay Dané was created through founder Kayla’s own personality.  Kay Dané  contemporary clothing line has been spotted on celebrities, magazine covers, blogs and in Atlanta area boutiques.
 Kay Dané introduces its new, PATENTED innovative collection of leg gloves.  This shoe accessory is an elegantly crafted alternative to your knee boots, over the knee boots, and thigh-high boots.  Because we recognize the demand for stylish knee boots that fit unique leg shapes and lengths, our collection includes a variety of sizes with exceptional quality and versatility.
Have you ever attempted to try on a really beautiful pair of knee boots in “your size”, only to realize that they don’t fit comfortably, or simply don’t fit at all? If so, then a leg glove is your new bestie.

For years, the boot industry has sized the leg of the boot based upon the shoe (foot) size, and that is simply not practical. We have created a product line that provides a unique and very stylish solution. Our leg gloves have 8 different sizes created for those of us that have not found that comfortable fitting boot.These glove-like garments are worn over the leg and/or thigh, designed to slip on before your shoe. Our leg gloves can be worn over any style shoe, flats, pumps, booties, ankle boots, peep toe heels, strappy sandals or wedges, giving you endless and varying looks that accent your shoe and leg ALL with one product. Whether tall or cuffed, tight or slouchy, a leg glove can be worn many different ways.

As the trends change from year to year, we as shoe lovers tend to rush out to purchase the latest style. It goes from pointy toe, to round toe, to platforms, thick square heels to skinny tall heels, and all over again. It can be hard to keep up. Not all of us have the money or time to invest in an over-the-knee boot every year, but with a leg glove , you can always achieve a designer boot look. Our leg gloves will seamlessly transform your current IT shoe into the boot look you desire.

Imagine your morning wearing leg gloves over a sexy pump, and by midday, you need to slip into a more practical shoe without losing your look, our leg gloves are perfect for you.