About The Designer



Kayla Shelton is self-taught designer, proven trendsetter, and serial entrepreneur. Her introduction to the world of high end fashion trends came by way of the entertainment industry. As a talented singer/songwriter she inked deals with both Epic and Warner Brothers Records, allowing her to collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest names like Pharrell Williams, Sean Diddy Combs, Babyface, Rodney Jerkins, and Raphael Saadiq, to name a few. Ever the apt pupil, these infinitely creative influences inspired Kayla and sharpened both her ear and eye for innovative sound and design. That unbridled inspiration fueled the 2009 launch of her women’s clothing collection, Kaye Dane’. An aspiration in waiting since Kayla’s teenage years, this fun and sexy spin on contemporary style was finally brought to fruition and made available to the public via online shop. Within a year’s time Kay Dane’s “Comfy Couture” had made it’s way into a host of trendy boutiques with the hottest designs being premiered by the likes of Amerie, Keri Hilson, and Kelly Rowland. A crowning moment for Kayla’s fledgling brand was landing the 2011 June/July cover of Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine. Hilson donned Kay Dane’s most expensive and artistic piece for the shoot. These noteworthy achievements led Kayla to be a sought after fashion consultant for video/photo shoots, artist image development, and private wardrobe enhancement. 

Despite her multifaceted success, Kayla’s thirst for knowledge and never ending quest for professional development led her to seek mentorship to fine tune and enhance her abilities. She found this guidance by way of an internship first at the Cynthia Vincent Showroom in Los Angeles, and ultimately at the Atlanta based Chapple Design House. There, Reco Chapple showed immediate interest in her personal style and took Kayla under his wing. Armed with her newfound experience and the constant encouragement of Mr. Chapple, Ms. Shelton was ready to breathe life into her greatest fashion creation to date. In December 2013 Kay Dane’s “Leg Gloves” were born. Her patented and brilliant design provides a revolutionary and fashionable solution to the age old issue women face when searching for comfortable and form fitting boots. This amazing product is compatible with any style shoe, and has been sought after and worn by fashionistas across the country. Leg Gloves’ unique versatility is poised to redefine the female footwear industry, and has recently garnered attention from a number of boutiques and top online retailers, with deals currently in the works. Even with all these irons in the fire Ms.Shelton has still managed to cultivate yet another reputable business. “Boomie” is an online merchandise fulfillment company specializing in: clothing line development, logo design, clothing and merchandise design, mass production, and distribution. It also offers online store development and management, as well as customer service. Kayla’s client base is primarily comprised of music industry affiliates who strive to set the latest fashion trends proving that Boomie is a lucrative testament to her well respected creative vision. 

With her seemingly limitless ambition and ever evolving creativity, Kayla Shelton is poised to be one of the fashion industry’s next bright stars.