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Blogging My Life Away


    Posted: Aug 30 2015

    Imperfect's The New Perfect Is All About Encouraging People To LOVE Themselves Just How They Are!! Currently in our society , our media is overwhelmingly pushing IMAGE and (money) as the sure way to achieve SUCCESS and ACCEPTANCE. The effects of these misrepresented ideals translate into devastating circumstances. Many people are taking what they see on tv and social media to the next level. Individuals have been heavily influenced by these superficial portrayals of perfection and taking action to be just like what they are being fed. Societies once desire to look great, has turned into desperation, with the notion that “if I look like this, my life will be like theirs. If I don’t look like this, I am not worth anything.” It sounds drastic, but it is indeed true, and can be seen in the many botch surgeries and deaths surrounding such surgeries. Even those who have not...

  • Love What You Do!

    Posted: Apr 07 2015

    Often people think it's easy and all fun to work for yourself and create your own path and it's really not that way. But I will say that it is a blessing to have a vision. It is also a blessing to be encouraged by others to keep pushing when so often you have to do things from scratch without a blueprint or a mentor. The excitement from starting something creative and innovative doesn't always stay with you through out the journey. It definitely takes effort to stay motivated when many doors are closed in your your face simply because others don't understand or see your vision. So I say, this statement is true. You must have courage to live the life you love!!! And you are not alone!

  • Will A Leg Glove Work For Me?

    Posted: Feb 05 2015

    Yes, yes, and yes!! Leg gloves were designed to fit your leg like a glove. YES, even your leg. Our leg gloves come in 8 different sizes, including options for shorter and taller folks. It is much easier than you may think to wear. First, you unzip your leg glove, then you slide it on like you would any sock. Allow your foot to go completely through and then put on your shoe, ANY kind. Next, take the elastic foot stirrup and pull it out over the tip of your shoe in the front and adjust it under your shoe. By then, you will pull the leg glove completely up, as tall as you would like, zip down zipper to your comfort and YOU ARE READY! Our leg gloves are mean to be flexible so you can slouch, scrunch, and cuff your leg glove so that it fits perfectly on...

  • Looking Forward To A New Year.

    Posted: Dec 29 2014

          I am typically not the one to make celebration plans for NYE. It sounds boring I'm sure, but it's just that I am the one who is setting new goals for myself almost weekly throughout the year so the NEW YEARS resolution doesn't seem necessary. Nonetheless, I'm quite excited about what is coming for 2015.  In these weeks leading up to the new year, I am decorating my first EVER office. I call it a showroom because it will be a place where I showcase all of my product lines and some select brands that I work with. I even gave it a name; Kaylafornia. It's a name I've had since 2008 when I first started pounding the pavement of Southern California in search of how to officially break into the fashion industry, the right way. (because since 2004 I had been kind of bootleg with my...

  • When A Former Writer Turned Full Time Designer Tries To Write A Blog... Here Goes

    Posted: Dec 28 2014

         Hi Guys,  Kayla here. As 2014 ends and I close my first year of business, I first wanna say thank you to all my LeGlovies!! I hope that all of you have been enjoying your LeGloves, Leg Warmers, and LeSocks. You guys are a huge inspiration to myself and everything I do with LeGlove and beyond. I want to do something different in 2015. I want to start blogging so I can share with you my passion for what I do and to talk style and fashion. Then I thought, why wait until 2015? Im starting today. As a former song writer, I have always loved to write, but it has been so long since I have taken the time to do so, so please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. It's a process and hopefully, you guys will start writing back to me.  LeGlove kinda came out...

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